Welcome to The House Of Development -Child Therapy and counseling in Ontari

About Us


Our Milssion

  strives to create opportunities for children and youth through supporting inclusive education and mental health. 


 We work with families to create a holistic plan to support their child or teen's education and path to success at school and at home. 


  • Impulsivity/Self-regulation
  • Self-monitoring
  • Emotional regulation
  • Following instructions 
  • Anxiety (affecting school experience, transitioning to or from school, around test-taking etc.) 

We work with families in-person (Local Toronto Area) or through Skype (Online Video Chat) (Canada


Close the deal

 An Education Consultation may be right for your family if your child or teen struggles with:

  • Attention/Focus
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Organization
  • Planning and/or Prioritizing
  • Completing homework/tasks
  • Task Initiation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Hyperactivity